Dear Jamie Dimon

Josh Brown takes the time to enlighten the hopelessly obtuse in an open letter to banker Jamie Dimon (and his ilk):

Dear Jamie Dimon,

I hope this note finds you well.

I am writing to profess my utter disbelief at how little you seem to understand the current mood of the nation. In a story at Bloomberg today, you and a handful of fellow banker and billionaire “job creators” were quoted as believing that the horrific sentiment directed toward you from virtually all corners of America had something to do with how much money you had. I’d like to take a moment to disabuse you of this foolishness.

America is different than almost every other place on earth in that its citizenry reveres the wealthy and we are raised to believe that we can all one day join the ranks of the rich. The lack of a caste system or visible rungs of society’s ladder is what separates our empire from so many fallen empires throughout history. In a nation bereft of royalty by virtue of its republican birth, the American people have done what any other resourceful people would do – we’ve created our own royalty and our royalty is the 1%. Not only do we not “hate the rich” as you and other em-bubbled plutocrats have postulated, in point of fact, we love them. We worship our rich to the point of obsession…

Read the whole letter here. Excellent. Thanks for taking the time Josh. Although the hopelessly elite and willfully blind are unlikely to grasp your meaning, the rest of us regular folks appreciate your effort in setting this record straight.

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4 Responses to Dear Jamie Dimon

  1. Jack from Surrey says:

    beautiful stuff….copy it, enlarge it, post it on a sign and carry it around at “Occupy.”

  2. michael says:

    There will be no appetite to make necessary changes until the gen pop. ultimately realize just how egregiously they have been had by the 1% and their puppets. The dream of emulating the super rich is alive and well and has indeed been cultured by the elite as a means to protect their position.
    Inflation, the Capitalist mantra, will not bring about change.
    Change is brought by Deflation and Depression ending in War. By Famine or by Pandemic brought on by the effects of Global Warming.
    We may very well see all of this.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. dave says:

    this guy has had some decent calls lately

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