Cambridge House Live from Vancouver

Danielle Park, the author of “Juggling Dynamite,” chats with anchor Bridgitte Anderson about her belief that we may be “revisiting the downturn, so look out!” Nothing may be safe, as she describes how gold may even be vulnerable and Canada isn’t as well-positioned as it was in 2008 to take the hit that’s coming. Wise investors concerned about the real direction of the economy will learn something here! Direct link here.

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  1. Robert says:

    I am not a conspiracy theorist in general but I do have suspicions regarding what seems like seeming regularly occurring crises in the markets especially oil and involving Venezuela and Iran not to mention the convenient for Obama financial meltdown in Sept 2008. Has there been any serious investigation of sovereign funds and politically placed players in placing hugely profitable bets in the options and futures markets before these “crises”? I have long suspected that these criminal market manipulations are occurring and the Western World is being systematically looted by her enemies.

    Now I recently heard a radio interview of Kevin D. Freeman who has written a recently released book, “Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It can Happen Again”.

    The interview is available at:

    I have ordered the book and look forward to reading it. It does make me wonder if we are engaged in meaningless highly partisan internecine political battles supporting politicians solely concerned with grasping power and ready to make a deal with anyone no matter what the consequences are. And the whole time we are actually stumbling down the path to economic and social catastrophe.

  2. doug robertson says:

    Had an interesting conversation with my buddy over at IBD’s MarketSmith regarding founder William Oneils take on the market this afternoon. Very cautious here, holding much cash currently. January is an odd month and funds/traders busy switching positions for their ‘take on the upcoming year’. He said that the temptation to keep adding money to the market just because it is improving could be a costly mistake. The CNBC’ers are hyping golden crosses and yada etc. Just when you let your guard down, you get hit hard. Danielle Park may prove to be a bit early on cautious outlook, but the main takeaway is the CASH PARKING she mentions.

    I also spoke to my buddy of the coming boomer retirement wave and how the 20 year olds are just not doing well in their lie cycle as they should be doing. This is going to be a BIG PROBLEM. The children of the boomers do not like the scenarion they see laid out for them and the OCCUPY movement might just be congealing and ready to erupt after their Valley Forge winter come the warmer springtime.

    Meanwhile, mine is parked in CMG.

  3. dave says:

    earnings are good in USA, economy looks to be improving there. The europe threat is slowly dissipating, China looks to be able to engineer a soft landing. And maybe even a bit of QE3 thrown in. This is what professional traders are trading now. We may get a slight pullback to work off some immediate oversold conditions. but don’t look for anything big. This market is being guided higher.

  4. michael says:

    The academics have failed.
    If the “Occupy” movement is to get to the next level the baton will have to be taken up by the “real leaders” of the great unwashed. The working class hero who’s fame and notoriety has been accomplished through hard work, determination and perceverance. Leaders who are able to shrug off the bondage of monied interests, power brokers and their own selfishness. Joe Sixpack, if led by example may just finaly get the message. I think he is ready for it.
    Brav0 Tim Thomas!!

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