Gold Report Interview

Last week I did an interview with the Gold Report on market conditions, risks and opportunities.  You can read it here.

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  1. Roberta says:

    Excellent interview.
    Do these steep market declines typically start after some sort of crisis, such as the Lehman event in 2008? Any guess as to what might cause it to start this time around? Can the decline just start for no apparent reason and go down steadily?

    Is it possible that American companies are getting so much business from Asia that their stock values are reasonable? Could stocks be safer than money market funds, banks, etc that may have exposure to a European financial disaster? Do you think Europe will have a reasonable outcome or will it be a cataclysm?

    On the huge US debts, how do you think those will be delt with by the government? Do you think they will manage to get them under control or not? I’m thinking that since Wall Street owns the US government they will probably insist the government create high inflation to force people sitting on cash to put their money into stocks to prevent it from becoming worthless. Could it happen? Wall Street is trying to get congress to force employees to put their money into private accounts instead of Social Security so they have more money to pay their insane bonuses, etc, so I don’t think there is a limit to the debauchery, crime and fraud that Wall St. and congress will go to in order to take our cash.

    Please keep us informed on your thoughts. We are just trying to keep from getting wiped out. Update us if you have any new thoughts on the metals, and thanks for your past information. I’m holding for the coming big drop to invest in something, probably including the metals and stocks/mutual funds, etc. I was too afraid after 2008 to go back in and had not heard your views so I missed that opportunity – fortunately I had most assets in CDs and a “fixed” fund in my 401K so I didn’t lose anything on the way down. But now I need to have a good run up……

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. dazzo says:

    Danielle Park: “When I talk about avoiding buy-and-hold, I mean being aware of this secular bear phase. We are in year 12 of a 15 to 20 year cycle.”

    So what about Japan? They seem to be in a never ending secular bear since the late 1980’s. How do you know we won’t suffer the same fate?

  3. Roberta says:

    I’ve been suspecting the US goobermint of propping up the US stock market to give the current president a better shot at reelection in November. Looks like that is what they are doing through foreign governments:

    I figured the big investment banks on Wall Street were recycling their bailout money into the stock market, and maybe they are, but I had not thought about foreign governments buying the stocks with their trillions of US dollars.

    Could this prevent the next leg down in the Secular Bear? Or will it only delay the drop, or what?

    Any thoughts Danielle?

  4. Dirk Burhans says:

    Very good, Danielle!

  5. Roberta says:


    WOW! Great read in that David Stockman interview……..Makes you wonder how bad it is really going to get………..hopefully we’ll have some of that cash remaining at the bottom to scoop up some bargains, but I don’t know if that will be possible or not……..looking at those unimaginable debt numbers I wonder if it will be a total Mad Max type collapse, total anarchy, etc…….What a bunch of geniuses we have leading our country, eh? NOT!

  6. d robertson says:

    The markets are starting to change tone just as we speak. This incessant drumbeat for war is getting to the smart money. Beware.

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