Danielle on The Financial Survival Network

Danielle was a guest today with Kerry Lutz on The Financial Survival Network talking about recent trends in the world economy and the stock market. You can listen to an audio clip of the segment here.

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Presidential candidates most purchased by Wall Street

Want meaningful reform? Don’t elect Wall Street’s hired guns.

Presidental candidate wall street fundingWatch  These Presidential candidates depend on Wall Street the most:

 “With most of the Republican and Democratic candidates lambasting Wall Street and seeking to capitalize on public animosity toward bankers, Yahoo Finance analyzed the percentage of each candidate’s funding that comes from the financial industry. Cruz ranks fourth out of 16 major candidates, with nearly 19% of the funding for his campaign coming from Wall Street donors. Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham draw a larger percentage of their money from Wall Street, but none have thrashed the financial industry as robustly as Cruz, who said in the latest Republican debate that if the biggest bank in the country were about to go under, he’d allow it.”

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Copper melt continues

As we have been reporting on for many months now, the melt in Dr copper–economic barometer to global growth–continues to fresh lows this morning.  Now at 2.08 and well below the 2.75 support range (green line below as charted by my partner Cory Venable in October 2014) there is little to buoy price between here and the .95 to 1.50 area (purple band).  And that would be the top range of previous expansion cycles.  The bottom of those cycles was in the .67 a pound range.  And this latest cycle has been dominated by unprecedented manipulation, stockpiling and mal-investment in the space thanks to runaway financial intermediaries.  For a refresher watch:  Are the markets rigged?  Stay tuned.  Also see:  Taking a good long look at Dr Copper:

At the same time, price fixing and illegal manipulation by ‘market makers’ became a widespread practice across a range of asset markets.  As a result, over the past 4 years, even as global demand weakened and copper inventories piled up, copper prices– historically monitored as a global growth barometer–managed to magically levitate north of $3.00 a pound.

Copper-since-1980 2014

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North Vancouver first to pass environment warnings on gas pumps

Further to my recent post Oil industry has made smokers of us all, North Vancouver city counsel voted unanimously Monday night, to start labeling gas pumps with warnings similar to those mandated on Canadian cigarette packs.  See:  Climate change stickers mandatory on North Vancouver gas pumps.

Along with captivating pictures (three of the samples being considered are shown below), a staff report has recommended call to action messages on the labels such as:

Electric vehicle incentives: “Get $5,000 toward a purchase of a new electric car.”
The B.C. Scrap-It program: “Trade in your clunker for a transit pass worth $1,360.”
Fuel-efficient driving tips: “Save fuel through properly inflating your tires.”
“Idling your vehicle for more than 10 seconds wastes more gas than restarting your engine.”

climate-change-stickerclimate-change-sticker oceans

climate-change-sticker asthma

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David Stockman on markets, Fed and fairies

Stockman starts his entertaining and quite informed rant at 1:22 and ends at 9:02, the preamble and afterword are the usual CNBC slapstick, “reporting from the mother ship”…funny.  More like “live from bubble-vision headquarters.”  Meanwhile viewers keep falling month after month with each implosive asset pump from the CNBC “trading experts”.  It would be pure comedy except for the damage they inflict on the unsuspecting.

Former OMB Director David Stockman, weighs in on whether a December rate hike is in play and how to trade bonds now.  Here is a direct video link.

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Different cycle, same levered tricks

Executive “stars” are up to the same levered tricks seen before previous market meltdowns.   Bankers are happy to make the loans, accountants often recommend the tax deferrals. But in the end the practice leaves markets more vulnerable to steep losses and other investors (individuals, retirement accounts and pensions) in financial peril.  See: US executives pledge stock for loans, raise margin call concerns.

“U.S. corporate executives and directors have pledged at least $15 billion of their own company stock holdings to secure personal loans, in spite of recent examples of these arrangements creating bigger losses for other investors during selloffs.

Most U.S. companies say they limit or prohibit stock pledging because they can increase downward pressure on a company’s stock price if an executive’s pledged shares are sold under duress, such as a margin call. Still, some boards make exceptions for their stars, corporate disclosures show. And they rarely disclose what these insiders are doing with their borrowed money…

“Nothing good can come from these arrangements from a broader shareholder perspective,” said Mark Borges, a principal at Compensia, an executive compensation research firm in San Francisco. “When you pledge shares you are essentially giving someone else the ability to sell the stock out from under you. It exacerbates the situation when they are sold into an already anxious market.”
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