Asset Management

We receive a pretty steady stream of inquiries each year from people who hear Danielle speak, read her writings, find their way to this blog and then wonder if we offer asset management services.

The answer is yes, Danielle is the President of Venable Park Investment Counsel Inc which manages money for clients all over North America (1 million dollar per household minimum).

Venable Park is a buy side, fiduciary, fee based, absolute return, asset management firm. We do not sell our clients products. We manage risk. We are not buy and hold. We do not work for a securities firm; we work solely for our clients. We seek to avoid or minimize losses in negative market years in order to outperform with cumulative net returns over a full market cycle and with a fraction of the volatility of traditional portfolio managers.

You can read more about our unique service here at Venable Park Investment Counsel Inc.