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Stimulus and inventory re-stocking ramps up Q4 GDP

The first estimate of US GDP today came in at 5.7% Q/Q annualized for Q4. This was the second consecutive quarter of GDP growth, and the first of 2009 to resemble anything like a post-recession bounce. The print came in … Continue reading

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George Soros from Davos on Obama's banking proposals

George Soros did a 30 min interview with Bloomberg from Davos, and explains why he supports Obama's proposals to limit proprietary trading at banks. See the clip here.

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AIG hearing testimony today

Honestly, I think everyone should watch some of this testimony and cross-examination from the hearing today. It is remarkable. I was trying to explain what happened to my kids as they watched some of it. No small feat to explain. … Continue reading

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Nouriel Roubini from Davos on asset bubbles and other froth

Good update from Roubini today on the present level of stock and commodity prices within the context of slow economic growth in 2010.

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BNN on Wednesday morning

Ms. Park was a guest with Michael Kane on Business News Network (BNN) this morning, Wednesday January 27 at 8:35am. The clip is available on BNN web site here. Here is a link to the McKinsey Institute report she mentioned … Continue reading

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Chinese bubble = economic risk to commodity centric countries

Hedge fund manager Jim Chanos has been garnering quite a bit of attention the past few months talking about the growing risks in the Chinese economy and the danger it presents to western countries that are banking on China's growth … Continue reading

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