More investors take risk of buying stocks with loans – USATODAY

There has been a lot of banter of late about whether or not the retail investor has been much involved with recent rallies in the stock market.  The bulls argue that the retail investor has not yet joined in and thus when they do they will provide even more buying pressure to push this wave.  Perhaps they will buy in more as this mania goes along.  But critical thought must ask:  if retail investors aren't yet in, then why are margin loans with brokerage houses at peak levels once again.  See More investors take risk of buying stocks with loans-USA today.

The attached chart from says it best.    It is the hallmark of every major market bubble that borrowing to invest becomes widely practiced. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would suggest that this is another shining example of the “Lizard Brain” over-riding the logic centered prefrontal cortex. As prices rise investors become more risk seeking. Is it any wonder investors suffer the repetitive damage caused by such behavior?
    Wait a minute, wasn't it Einstein that was quoted saying that expecting a different outcome by acting in the same manner is the meaning of insanity. The only hope is to keep printing monopoly money (U$). L.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just ask around. I think popular opinion would tell you most people are invested in this market and have been for time.

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