The Internet helps wise voices be heard

I believe that the Internet and its open and democratic exchange of ideas is the most important development of our generation.
This is especially true as the objectivity of the media has increasingly been sold out for advertising dollars and the political interests of vested power.
The Internet cuts through barriers and speaks truth to power, straight-up for all to consider and discuss. Anyone who can read and access the Internet, can see and think for themselves.
This brings me to the remarkable campaign of Republican Congressman Ron Paul in the US. Paul is a retired Obstetrician who raised, with his wife, 5 children, delivered some 4,000 babies and also found time to serve as a Texas Congressman for 10 years, before deciding to run for leadership of the Republican Party in the race for the 2008 Presidency.
I have never been a political person. All of my adult life I have repeatedly voted for who I thought seemed to be the most authentic leader regardless of what party a candidate represented. The only thing that ever impresses me is someone who walks their talk with a message of wisdom and discipline in devotion to the greater good. It’s a tall order. Many are called, few can deliver.
It seems to me that anyone who would want to take on the role of leader in the US right now is either brave or demented. There are many bombs ticking, clocks are running, and there are arguably more challenges now than at any other time in history.
Ron Paul has had a difficult time getting media coverage of his campaign because he has not been considered a “front-runner”, and yet support has been quietly building thanks to the Internet and its direct access to people on the street.
YouTube has been a useful tool hosting clips and interviews of candidates like Paul who were otherwise ignored by conventional coverage. See the following videos:
Land of the Free

Part 1: Rep. Ron Paul on The Korelin Economics Report

Part 2: Rep. Ron Paul on The Korelin Economics Report

Part 3: Rep. Ron Paul on The Korelin Economics Report

For my thinking, this guy makes more sense than I have heard from government officials in a long time, possibly ever. What do you think?

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