CTV Newsnet on housing Tuesday night and this weekend in Phoenix

For those who are interested, I will be talking about the housing market on CTV Newsnet tomorrow night, Tuesday, February 5, at 7:45 p.m. We will do an update on recent housing market data in the US and what impacts we are seeing in Canada to date. This is channel 30 on Rogers.
On Saturday and Sunday this week, I will be speaking in Phoenix at the Cambridge House Resource Investment Conference. It is a large conference with a great lineup of speakers (mostly American) mainly focused on trends in natural resources and gold. These are not your mainstream, run-of-the-mill financial thinkers. Panels tend to be lively and critical-thought-provoking. For anyone looking for more info or to pre-register for free attendance visit Cambridge House.com and click Phoenix.
Lastly, I did another couple of segments on the Korelin Economics Report radio show out of Washington this past Saturday, February 2. In segment 3 and 6, we discuss the significance of market cycles when executing investment strategy. You can listen to a recording of the show here.

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