BNN Interview this morning Sept 24 at 9:20am

Ms. Park was the guest Portfolio Manager on BNN, Market Lookahead this morning at 9:20am talking about recent news of the US bail-out package and Warren Buffett.
A clip of the interview is available here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday RBC Securities published a list of securites we should buy because they are undervalued. I see. They want us to sell the stocks in our potfolio which are down about 20% and buy these new stocks. They will receive commision on the selling, and commision on the purchases. Obviously only acting in their best interest. If they were acting in the best interest of the retail investor they would have advised to be in cash in late 2007, like only the very smartest money managers were doing, getting out of stocks at ther peak of the economic cycle. Truly, only concerned about a revenue stream.
    Danielle, I value your opinions and this blog, keep up the good work. Ricky

  2. Anonymous says:

    The US market can now rally without financials.
    Financials are now a small percentage of the indices.
    Every post on every blog and all the posts on the globe and mail are negative.
    There is trillions in T-Bills moving out.
    The 6 year cycle is now bottoming
    The 3 year Oil cycle has peaked.
    Gold and the US dollar have already discounted all of this.
    While one final big plunge down is possible – it would just be a final 'cleanout' since the 6 year cycle has bottomed.
    End of the month liquidation will soon be done.
    Beware of being a perma bear.
    … gary s

  3. Anonymous says:

    “An investment should by definition have a satisfactory return from underlying earnings, so that it could be a comfortable holding in the absence on any market. If you are dependent on the changing tides of opinion to push it up(and down), it is just specualtion.” John Train
    I hate receiving only 3.5% in a gauranteed GIC but my hard earned capital is safe. Warren Buffet is getting 10% with his preferred shares in Goldman Sachs. Anthing over a gov't bond is at risk. Warren has been wrong before, US Air, Saloman Bros. He is taking a risk. He is so much smarter than I, but I will wait. The S and P Pe ratio is about 24. Over the last 100 years it has averaged 16.9. Unlikely stock valuations will go up from here, and as inflation increases stock values will go down. Ricky

  4. Anonymous says:

    Something big is going down.
    Futures Players are buying in Hard.
    Do you really think Wall Street is going to let the market fall after the biggest bailout in history?
    If it did – it would be game over.
    Anyone better against Wall Street is fighting fire with fire IMO.
    Market is basing for a move upward until next summer – any shakeout should be bought.
    g smith

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    All I'm sayin is Someone is buying S&P Futures really hard the past 2 days…
    Whether it's commericals or the government I don't know…
    I'll let the bulls and bears debate that…
    In general , unless the futures buying is a 'prop' —> you want to trade with them (fundamentals be damned)..
    Also Best to keep in mind… The Econonmy and Stock market – often 2 different things…
    Also IMO Paulson and Bernanke are done .. this is their last trick.
    They passed the ball to Congress – so now even if it gets worse and Congress twiddles their thumbs – Paulson and Bernanke have an escape clause – they will say 'I told you so'
    So either what they are doing now works – or things collapse.
    If things spiral out of control there is nothing anyone can do. Your broker will be out of service and your account
    will just decline and you won't be able to call in a sell order as the phones will be jammed too.
    You you really think things are going to hell in a hand basket – don't waste time with blogs, BNN CNN etc.. – just move everything to safety and step aside.
    If you wish to remain ' in the game' – then time to start buying…
    g s

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