Toronto Resource Investment Conference this weekend

Ms. Park will be speaking at the Toronto Resource Investment Conference this weekend Oct 4 and 5 at the Metro Convention Center. You can see her Saturday morning at 830am and Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm. Danielle will also be available for book signing in between talks. You can register free to attend here on the Cambridge House web site.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hi Danielle, Today was a very interesting day in the markets. The Bill passed with all kinds of bells and whistles added by the Senate but the markets failed to rally. I know the markets can be illogical, but what is your take on this? Is the bill just too little too late to address the problems facing the US economy or will it take time for everyone to digest the details of the bill and so should we expect a rally in the coming weeks?
    For over a week all we heard was how bad the economy was, that a catastrophe was about to take place, that even this bill may not be enough. Maybe they overdid it with the fear-mongering? Some sage insight would be greatly appreciated! Thx and have a great weekend!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Follow a story over time as it moves from pg. 16 of the newspaper to the front page.
    In 05/06 rumblings started about food shortages and ag supply deficiences and price increases. Ag stock prices climbed. Earlier this year front page headlines declared worldwide food shortages. Now look at ag stock prices.
    About oil. Concerns also voiced about demand increases and supply shortages in mid decade. This year front page headline news that oil was going to $200. there is not enough supply to meet world demand. Look at oil stock prices now.
    05/06 concerns were starting to be voiced about sub prime loans and the huge problems it will later cause. Monday, Sept. 29, 2008 front page healdines all over the world declared a credit crisis and world economies going into recession. Time to go long?
    When my barber and neigbour and friends who had no previous interest in the stock market tell me that things are going to get real bad based on information they are reading and hearing, mainstream information. Is it time to go the other way? I think so.
    But with the ISM index at a new low, the US Labour Dept. showing 759k job losses in 08, Case/shiller house price index continuing a major decline, I do not have the culjounies to go long, at this time, but know I should.
    Danielle, what should I do?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Danielle, a few week ago you predicted TSX at 10,000. It happened faster than anyone thought. Would you care to reconsider your forecast? How about TSX 8,000?

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