Free-falling consumption leading this recession

Roubini this morning on Bloomberg reminding us that we are about half way through this likely 2 year US recession. I agree with his call on this. He believes stocks could get a lot cheaper yet. I also think that is likely. The trillion dollar question, is “how much cheaper?”
Roubini says S&P could fall another 30% before this cycle bottoms. Roubini is just giving his best educated guess here like the rest of us. But investors must have a plan for “what if the markets continue down”. If you are just buying here or holding and hoping with no exit plan pre-defined, heaven help you. Buy and hold managers, brokers and planners won't be valuable to anyone. Unless Boomers change their investment approach this decade, they are going to need artificial limbs to hobble through their retirement on decimated funds.
See Roubini says S&P may fall 30% more.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am still 100% in the market, not wishing to be one of the poor schmucks who capitualtes at the bottom. However, reading all your posts I fear another leg down over the next 6 months. I will be watching your comments to help me decide whether or not to cut back a little and when.
    'Decimation' was the Roman practice of punishing a Roman legion by executing every 10th man, (and sometimes by eating him if food was short). I would be quite happy if my retirement fund was only decimated at this point!

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