Bring the troops back Barack– we can make our own Algae oil

My friend Laura recently tipped me off to exciting developments in Algae as a clean, domestic, alternative energy. Watch this amazing YouTube clip:

Actually we have had known about the potential for Algae oil since the 1970's. See Algae Interests Align
“Algae has been the feedstock of the future for a long time, dating back to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Aquatic Species Program that ran from the 1970s until its demise in the 1990s. When virgin vegetable oil began its ascent from 20 cents a pound to 50 cents and more, algae started to attract even more attention. Some industry watchers say there are more than 200 companies pursuing plans to grow algae or process it into biodiesel. Major energy companies such Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron have partnered with some of the algae start-ups as have companies looking for a stable fuel supply, including Boeing and several airlines. The federal government has provided many grants for basic and applied research to further the pursuit of algae-based fuels.
“But what has been the result of all this interest and activity? Despite all the promising technology and money invested, there is no current commercial production of algae for energy. Is algae, as the saying goes, five years from success and always will be?
“Major players in the industry say 2009 could be the year when algae finally starts living up to its potential. Algae producers are starting to band together to share knowledge and educate investors. Two national organizations have started giving the industry a forum to spur these communication efforts. The National Algae Association is based in Texas and the Algal Biomass Organization was organized on the West Coast.”
Now that the oil men are out of the White House, one can only imagine the miraculous solutions we can find to our present problems.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Algea research has been going on for years and yes there have been several great break throughs recently in the area of producing hydrogen or even oils. However there are some large obstacles to overcome before we will ever see commercialization of an algea oil production system at an affordable cost per gallon comparison. Not the least of these challenges is the typically slow kinetics of the reaction, meaning that the time it takes to make and process the equivalent of one gallon of fuel is is considerable. Typically these reactions also require vast areas of water at a specific temperature range. Personally I do not believe that it will ever be able to compete with the production of liquid fuels from the gasifiacatiion of biomass or coal. Hopefully we now have a government that will help with the investments required to fully understand all of our options

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