Most still taking medical advice from the drug reps

Good article this morning on the Big Picture about conflicts of interest in the money business. This is why people of moral fibre generally can't stay working at the broker/dealers/mut fund sellers of the world. Products sales are the ugly elephant in the room. They try to cover it up with smooth words, feel-good pictures and fancy charts, but the foundation is a fraud. It’s all about growing firm revenue. Nothing really to do with best interests of customers, or valuable risk management. I worked on the sell side for six years; I know its smell well.
As for the customers who take their advice from the drug pushers and the “advisors” who sell themselves to the machine, as my Irish father would say, “You choose to lie with dogs you get fleas.” Once we learn that lesson though we can make wiser choices. It takes more thought, work, and personal responsibility, but it is incredibly liberating to break free of the mythology. See Big Firm Conflict of Interest and the comments that follow it.

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