Seeing the forest through the trees is key

Gary Shilling has decades of hands-on experience in financial markets. This doesn't mean he gets a crystal ball into the future any more than anyone else; but wisdom and experience can help us to see the main trends through the noise of day to day movements. The KISS principle really does apply in this area. While most of the world is distracted by day to day “plays” that are basically completely random and unpredictable, those that know what to look for in the larger picture can be like the focused kids in a class of ADHD’s.
This clip Shilling did with Henry Blodget yesterday connects the main dots better than most. The headline is dramatic here, no one can say with certainty that there will be a “market crash” before year end, but another downside test is in the realm of probable. And yes, market movements in our highly connected world are “all one big trade.”

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