Too big to fail?

I must admit: some days life on earth can seem a little dark. Sometimes it can seem like we humans are rather hopeless creatures. Too big to fail? More often it can seem like our more serious issues are just too big to fix. Never mind the financial system for a moment, what about water management, food and the sustainability of our eco-system? Wasn't it David Suzuki who said we are all speeding head-long into a brick wall driving a Mini and arguing about who gets to sit in the front seat?
A few years ago I saw an Astrophysicist being interviewed about the evolution of our planet and the fate of humans. He acknowledged that we were very likely destined for extinction eventually but “that was ok”. He was calm about it; I will never forget the peace he seemed to possess.
This excellent video clip about the Big Bang gave me a similar sense of peace about our world. Not that it is hopeless. Not that we should give up or give in, or not keep trying to make things better. But in the end, we are not ultimately in control of our destiny. Whether we believe it was “God” or random, there was definitely a larger energy force that created our universe. We are perhaps only one phase in an enormous boom and bust life cycle that will carry on throughout infinity. Food for thought…

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