Clean house or suffer (more) consequences

Bill Moyer’s Journal had a disturbing discussion this week with former International Monetary Fund chief economist Simon Johnson and US Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) on the blatant nepotism of Wall Street and Washington. It is a nauseating review of how the ideals of democracy has been hijacked and degraded in a flagrant display with little civil outcry to date. This should make people mad as hell if they are paying attention.
Obama did inherit a flawed structure, but the financial crisis gave him a rare opportunity at the outset of his term to clean house and start fresh. Instead he appointed the usual suspects to his inner circle, promoting and rewarding those who created and profited most from the disaster. So far Obama has failed completely to deliver the meaningful change he has promised in this critical area. He cannot plead ignorance and innocence on this any longer. The longer he misses his opportunity here, the more the monkey of blame will climb on to his back. The Nobel Peace Prize beckons him to seize his opportunity or be judged accordingly.
Watch the 30-minute interview here:

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