Who wouldn't want this technology?

I am bored rigid with the ongoing debate about whether humans have any role in the warming of the planet. The way I see it, arguing this topic is a bit like arguing your views on whether or not there is a God: you either believe or you don't; best to move on to productive discussion.
That said whether you believe it necessary or not, the quest for sustainable energy gives innovative companies incredible inspiration. And this new area offers truly exciting solutions for consumers, producers and governments who can stop fighting and start embracing the inevitable wave of change.
In the four short years since GM was collecting and crushing its EV1 prototypes (idiots), plug-in cars have raced miles ahead.
A recent example (of many) is Shelby’s new Electric Super Car. Zero emission? That's the least of this story:
-zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds
-200 miles on a charge
-recharge fully on 10 min plug in
-little maintenance, much less wear and tear
-can run it in your garage without poisoning yourself
What thinking consumer wouldn't want this technology?

See: Shelby Super Cars

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