Happy new decade

Sorry for the lack of writing the past ten days. I suppose I have been “making rather merry” as Bob Crachet would say. We have been having some fun with our family and friends, visiting a few clients, reading, snowshoeing, dog-sledding, board games, fresh air, big fires; all good. Now we are weather delayed at the airport; a typical end to a much savored break.
For me New Year's is the most significant holiday of the year. It is a natural point for reflection back and looking forward for what may be next to come. A new decade is particularly poignant. I cannot help but note how I am now in the midst of my 5th decade. If we are lucky in this life, we can hope to get maybe 8 or 9 decades. It’s amazing how fast our tiny handful of decades run by.
I think 2010 will be a fascinating year for the world. I wish I could see that the credit crisis is behind us. I believe that it is not. I can see that we have made some progress toward the new world order; but in truth the massive government intervention during the later half of 2009 did not solve but only slow and prolong the rebalancing period needed. Price risk in most asset markets in the world again measures unfavorably high going into 2010. This time last year we had hoped more progress would have been made by now in the re-pricing needed. I will be writing more on this next week.
Reckless behavior is no option, so patience and care will always be a virtue of great value in managing real life risk; such is the price of a thoughtful life. As Churchill said so eloquently, we will “keep buggering on” confident in our belief that notwithstanding near-term risks, today’s problems too shall eventually pass, and that the future holds great promise for the human race.
Happy New Year.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    appy New year and a new decade too…. Let's hope for peace, love, and prosperity for the world!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year!
    I hope BNN has you back to co-host on special occasions. You were excellent.
    At present, I'm still mostly cash but have been dollar cost averaging back into the market to reach about 15% of my total savings. (I had gotten out of the market before 2008, so lost nothing in the crash but then didn't get back in earkt enough to take full advantage of the recovery.) As I'm about a decade ahead of you in years, I don't want to lose my nest egg to another brutal correction. Any suggestions?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Have a happy and profitable New Year Danielle.
    Who could have predicted the last couple of years.
    2010 is starting off quiet. Volatility is low, interest rates are very low and the stock markets are on an extended uptrend. What is an investor to do now.
    -Buy Bonds
    -Buy Stocks
    -Wait and in cash
    -All of the above?
    As for me, I am doing “all of the above” at present.
    I have learned a few things over the past two years.
    -Do not buy and hold, buy and sell following rules
    -rely on technical analysis mostly (moving averages etc) rather than fundamentals.
    -take advantage of the situation. I wish I had bought low in March but like 99% of investors, no one did.
    Also on this point, with income a priority and income trust on the way out, I think now is the time for dividend stock and REITs especially to shine.

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