Weak recovery in the entire advanced world

US Final Q4 GDP was revised slightly lower this morning to 5.6 from the previous estimate of 5.9. I think a year from now this may be revised lower still. More importantly Q4 seems to have been a stimulus-manufactured anomaly compared with the anaemic growth we will see for 2010. Christian Menegatti, VP for global economic research at Roubini Global Economics says growth in Q1 and Q2 is looking to be heavily below potential (less than 3%) and then slowing further to less than 2% in the second half of 2010. He explains his views to CNBC's Karen Tso, Martin Soong & Sri Jegarajah. I like the Roubini Economics analysts because they are independent number crunchers hired for their brains and diligence rather than their looks. They tend to be the opposite of the slick sell side analysts we so often see on business news.

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