A few things that caught our eye

**The always colourful Marc Faber on Bloomberg: China's economy may crash in next 12 months with some interesting comments on the Euro zone.
**Tamminen: Lessons from The Gulf Oil Spill
**Cost of US Oil Spill could exceed $14 billion Could Florida real estate and tourism catch a break? Really this could not come at a worse time for the region.
**Bloomberg interview clip: Munger says “gambling” in derivatives counter-intuitive. Charlie dishes his typically candid criticism of derivatives and fancy accounting while endorsing Berkshire's big campaign of late to support their existing investment in Goldman. Interesting…
**Morici: This recovery is anti-middle class

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Latest Ratio of Rydex Bullish to Bearish Funds:
    Carl Swenlin, editor of Decisionpoint reports that investor assets in Rydex money market funds and ‘inverse’ (bear-type) funds are at multi-year lows, while assets in Rydex bullish Index and sector funds are at their highest level since the October, 2007 market top. There is currently $7.50 in bullish funds for every $1 in bearish funds.
    Alan Newman, editor of Crosscurrents, says “It’s the most ridiculously one-sided investor sentiment we have seen since the high-tech mania [in 1999] convinced folks that no price for a stock was too high to pay”.

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