Britian votes today: damned if they do, worse if they don't

One of the many sources of flux and uncertainty in the world are the elections taking place in Britain today. Who ever gets elected will have a hell of a job ahead of them. Poor leadership and complacency in the masses brought the world to its present problems. Strong leaders and concerted action are needed to bring us back to health.
Deep and dramatic spending cuts are needed in the UK. The sooner the better. The economy is accelerating toward a fiscal brick wall with no detours. There are no easy choices for leaders or voters. Hopefully British people are up for the challenges ahead. Unlike Greece, Britain has a staunch-upper-lip image of rough scrabble folks who can put their head down and lean into adversity when needed. Easy times of free-flowing credit the past few years may have weakened their resolve; but hopefully the Brits can find the strength to dig in and overcome. We need them to find their legs and help pull the global economy back out of the ditch. Honest, tough, leaders and workers will all have to pull this cart together to get us back on a sustainable track. We should all wish the Brits well today. See an excellent piece on players and possible outcomes in the election in the New York Times today: As Britain goes to polls, economic clouds hover.
Meanwhile debt has now turned into death in Greece. Protests against the Greek austerity plans have devolved into violence. Three people died Wednesday after a bank went up in flames. The building was torched during a march against the spending cuts and tax hikes imposed as part of the IMF-EU bailout agreement. Startling images encapsulate the mood of the country.
Sadly, I fear there will be more of this to come in several countries as working people everywhere see that there are no magical solutions to the issues at hand.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The new government cutbacks, which slash salaries and pensions for civil servants and hike consumer taxes
    Look at the trouble Mike Harris had a few years ago trying to cut back our bloated civil service. Seems like the culture of entitlement is tough to fight with.
    Let this be a warning to other socialist or near socialist countries not to put too many people on taxpayer funded payrolls.

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