Green Smoothies for thought

My friend Beth introduced me to Green Smoothies a few weeks ago. I have always been a health and fitness enthusiast, but this is a huge addition. I am really excited to add this incredible way of eating fresh fruits and greens every morning to my diet. (I also blend one for dinner sometimes when I’m short for time.) Even my kids have started asking for them in the morning. Incredible. We could banish obesity in months if people could swap this approach for the standard western pre-fab, cooked, dead, diet. Here are some recipes if you are interested.
On an economic front, several good stories worth a look today:
• Pimco's Bill Gross on expected returns: Stan Druckenmiller is Leaving
Warning Signs, by Karl Denninger (Hat tip Dazzo)
• WSJ: Banks and Insurers face the killing yields
• Whitney on Bloomberg: US may face bailout for states

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