Quantitative Easing Explained in 6 minutes

This clip has gone viral on the internet the past week, nearly 2 million hits. I can see why…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Next thing you know they'll create a video telling home owners whose houses never burnt down that they were idiots for buying home insurance in the first place.
    It's no wonder it went viral — it's sensationalistic and over simplified. Perfect for the masses.
    The fed's job is to counter excesses in either direction, not to make everything nice and perfect for us. We have excess weakness in employment, hence they act. I don't know whether QE will work, but the Fed is doing their best.
    I hate to imagine what the world might look like today if every central bank across the globe simply sat on their hands and watched the crises unfold over the past few years. The whole system has been out of balance for far too long now, but before we can set a new path forward we first have to fix the imbalances.

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