Roubini on the bail out merry-go-round

Further attempts at intervention have only increased the magnitude of the problems with sovereign debt. He says, “Now you have a bunch of super sovereigns— the IMF, the EU, the eurozone—bailing out these sovereigns.”
Essentially, the super-sovereigns underwrite sovereign debt—increasing the scale and concentrating the problems. Roubini characterizes super-sovereign intervention as merely kicking the can down the road: “There's not going to be anyone coming from Mars or the moon to bail out the IMF or the Eurozone…So at some point you need restructuring. At some point you need the creditors of the banks to take a hit —otherwise you put all this debt on the balance sheet of government. And then you break the back of government—and then government is insolvent.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It amazes me that no matter how much bad news there seems to be out there, stockmarkets seem to defy gravity and edge up higher to new 52 week highs!
    I own some stocks that are short the TSX and it is getting more difficult to keep hanging on to them! I'm thinking of selling at a loss. Are you short anything right now?

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