Frank Lloyd Wright documentary worth watching

We watched the 2008 Ken Burns documentary on the life of world renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright on the weekend. If you have not seen it yet you should. You can order it on Netflix here.

The film covers the great, the bad and the ugly that comprised this amazing man. What a story. The best fiction writer would be hard pressed to imagine the wide range of events and phases that formed this life. It is also inspiring to see that his most productive creation phase came between the ages of 80 and 92:

“Often touted as the most influential and important American architect of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright is the subject of this acclaimed documentary by award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns (Baseball, The Civil War). Rare footage and illuminating interviews, along with an in-depth look at Wright’s body of work from his 92 years, come together to bring his unforgettable — and frequently turbulent — story to life.”

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