Welcome to the new blog

I have not cussed so much in quite some time…but here it is at long last.

Thanks greatly to Wendy, Cory, Dan, Mike, Stanley and all the many others who helped us turn geek speak codes into something appealing and comprehensible to us humans. Thanks also to the readers who offered their suggestions as to format and features. I think we have incorporated all your good ideas.

We were able to move over the archive of articles since inception in April 2007, except for the articles year to date in 2011. God knows why. For some unfathomable reason incomprehensible to us mere mortals, we have (so far at least) not been able to automatically import the 2011 articles and reader comments from the old blog platform. For this I am sorry. We have manually moved over the articles for the month of July. And may well do more of this to complete the archive in the next little while.

Blessings to all concerned. I need a drink.

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9 Responses to Welcome to the new blog

  1. JW says:

    Ms. Park, I feel your pain. Little glitches drive me crazy every time I migrate apps and data from one platform to another. Anyway, I love the new look. Great job! JW, Vancouver.

  2. D.Park says:

    Thanks JW, and now I know the comment tab works too. Cheers

  3. thanks Dazzo, I notice that this platform now records your links live unlike the old blogware system. Much more user friendly for readers.

  4. Bill says:


    This morning I finally figured out what was missing in my day… and I realized it was my daily dose of “Dynamite” delivered to my in-b0x most days. So I went looking for you and the first thing that came up using your old address…….”Not Found” But I persisted and here you are!

    Looks great.. and I look forward to hearing from you again soon.


  5. Paula/NS says:

    Love the new comments method…way easier! I’m glad to see you back especially at this time when things seem to be in flux. I’m completely in cash at the moment waiting to see things take one direction or the other. It takes a lot of anxiety off the table.

  6. dave says:

    I think you used my recommendation as to clicking on “juggling dynamite” to get you back to the home page. Cool. As a computer programmer it’s a giving that rarely do changes to code or format work the first time so I feel your pain redesigning your web site. I like the look clean and no Flash.

  7. scott adamson, from Nova Scotia says:

    Danielle, tremendous insight found in the blogs. Your unwavering methodology when it comes to wise investing and wealth maintenace and growth sets you and a handful of others apart. In the conventional media, the talking heads give some support to your methodologies, but seem to deny their efficacy; well, that’s mainstream, fluffy media. So glad that we can access thorough, thoughtful and people-centered commentary.

  8. Cashcan says:

    Very nice indeed. Classy, user friendly and amazing content. Thanks for your perseverance and your knowledge base. But most of all . . . thanks for sharing it.

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