Gold, gold, gold: things that make me go “hum…..”

Everywhere I go today people want to know what I think of gold. My kids came home from their elementary school the other day saying that some kids in the play ground were running around telling people they should “buy gold, ’cause it only goes up.”
Just before I gave this interview in Toronto last week, I ran into my plumber who told me he was at the resource conference to do some research and networking as he was thinking of becoming a precious metals broker. “I’ve got my precious metals, and I am convinced they are going higher…I am not wavering from that. ” he said. HuMMMMMMMMM….

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3 Responses to Gold, gold, gold: things that make me go “hum…..”

  1. dave says:

    too many are getting worked up over this euro crisis. This like all past problems will be over it’s just a matter of time. why tie up your stomach in knots over these short term problems.

  2. John says:

    It’s not a short term problem. It has been a problem ever since the Euro was started. This monetary union without fiscal union is a half-hearted attempt to provide an alternate currency to the US. It is basically Germany and to some extent,France, who could be in trouble also, that is holding up the Euro. Do you think we have solved the mess in the US? Think again, my friend. We are in a deleveraging culture in the developed world. If you expect the developing world to bail out the US and Europe, then I hope for the best, but should plan for the worst. The worst thing to do is keep your head in the sand and say nothing is wrong and this will pass over. It may pass over, but how much damage will it do to your investments or the overall economy? Unless you are fortunate, and set for life, which I hope you are, they are many others that are living above their means or barely getting by.

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