Some good reasons to “occupy wall street”

A good summary of reasons to be over-hauling the financial sector:

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  1. michael says:

    It seems a lot of people have been asking the same question as you …what do the occupiers want?
    It seems pretty clear to me…they can no longer assume the entitlement that the credit expansion gave them. The bull market, in just about everything, that began in 82 is over, notwithstanding the interventionist programs of the collusive central bankers, Governments, rating agencies and regulators.
    The 99 percenters voted for change and were bitterly disappointed. Rather than follow through Obama knelt before the puppet masters and was anointed chief of status quo.
    The 99%er’s are tired. Tired of the corruption, the greed, the audacity. They are beginning to see the future. Higher taxes, higher energy and food costs, the basics of life. They see dramatically reduced benefits such as basic health care and safe public infrastructure. They are indebted and insecure while their tax dollars bail out the ultra rich.
    The misguided parrot the presence of Freedom and Democracy all the while enslaved by a Fascist cabal.
    The rules of Law, of governance, of honesty, of decency have been utterly crushed.
    What do the occupiers want?

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