Revenge of the Electric Car

From the Director of “Who Killed the Electric Car”, comes the exciting new sequel “Revenge of the Electric Car”. Now playing in select cities in America.  Coming soon to other locations. I have requested screening dates in Toronto and you can do so on the web site for a city near you. For those of you who are anti-electric cars or who don’t believe this is happening, feel free to stop reading now. (And please don’t bother telling me all your reasons why.) For those with an interest here is the Director’s Statement:

“Sometimes change, like a train in the old West, gets stopped dead in its tracks. That was the story of “Who Killed the Electric Car?” The villains were the same guys who always hold things up when real progress is in the air. Pistol-waving business lobbyists fighting for their old monopolies, simpleton leaders defending the status quo, and the tendency for most of us to stay in our seats rather than board new trains.

So it’s a rare privilege to be able to tell the story of how sometimes change has too much momentum to be stopped. You can’t kill an idea whose time has come.

For this film, we wanted to do something different. Last time we followed a group of activists fighting from the outside. This time, we follow four entrepreneurs battling from the inside. Each one let us in on their journey over three years on condition that we would not release any footage until 2011.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk puts his personal fortune on the line. Bob Lutz, GM’s Vice Chair, stakes the entire brand on the very technology it once tried to kill. Nissan’s CEO, Carlos Ghosn, bets the farm on a car almost no one believes can happen. And my neighbor, Greg ‘Gadget’ Abbott, like thousands of other car converters around the world, sets out to prove you can do it yourself. The challenges they face are as tough as capitalism can be cagey.

But the prize if they succeed is really for all of us: the reinvention of the car without gasoline, and potentially without fossil fuel at all.”

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5 Responses to Revenge of the Electric Car

  1. Fred says:

    Thomas Edison was building electric cars in the 1890’s. The Edison museum in New York acquired an 1899 Edison electric car this summer. Electric cars have been around for more than a century. Only perpetual motion machines are older.

    *** message ends here ***

  2. yes and the if oil had not made so many of the world’s billionaires since then, the world would not have become so vested in that status quo, and we would have been driving electric for years now.

  3. michael says:

    I have a sense that the next gen beginning to sense the loss of the entitlements they assumed were their birthright will start to take more of a role in the inevitable change.
    Notice a lot of the “occupiers” are young, as were the leaders of change in the 60’s.
    The major drawback of electric cars is that you have to plug them in to power still sourced from fossil fuel consumption or flooded river valleys.
    The promoters of wind generators, inexplicably, have yet to face the wrath of NIMBY groups and until we can find a way to use the power of the sun more efficiently I am afraid fossil fuel will be the main power source. Does anyone really want walls of wind generators in their sightline. How about endless miles of solar panels covering the countryside.
    While gasoline still remains relatively cheap when you compare it to a litre of pop, coloured sugar water, little will change.
    The only thing that will curb the use of fossil fuel, temporarily, is Depression and that is coming.

  4. John West says:

    This will only shift the problem from producing gasoline, to producing enough electricity to continually charge millions of electric cars. It is the same problem … we need cheap energy … windmills and solar panels are not it. We need a brand new energy source. Until we achieve that goal, I suggest we stick to efficient internal combustion. We know that works and we must keep the economy going or we will continue down the Obama path until we resemble the former Soviet Union.

    If we put some of the extorted green dollars into that research, perhaps we could come up with something that works. There are brilliant people out there who only lack the funds to start working on something new.

    Meanwhile, the other big problem is that there is simply no need for seven or more billion people on this ball in space. It’s ridiculous to think that there is a great purpose to over-populating our planet. Even if a god wants it …. you have to eventually question whether or not your god is working in your best interest.

    So far … I think not. There is simply not enough to go around, no matter how badly Obama want’s to redistribute everything.

    The Loaves and Fishes thing … that was just a story. Two fish and five loaves will feed maybe one family for a day. It will not feed the multitudes no matter who their speaker is.

  5. JW says:

    A great preview, full of energy. For my WISH list – an electric car, can provide basic transportation needs, is safe and reliable at a reasonable price (for the 99% of people on earth). You can recharge it anywhere for under $10. Oh, almost forgot, we also need new battery technologies are more environmental friendly. Thanks. JW, Vancouver

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