The messy process of consensus building in a democracy

I find the optimism and hope of the Occupy movement to be fascinating, naive, and inspiring.  We live in a time of many critics but too few who are willing to actually get up off the couch to teach, lead and inspire the world toward a wiser more equitable future. It turns out that the Occupy movement was conceived by a Canadian-based organization called Adbusters with some financial support from a retired Wall Street trader.  There is irony in everything.  This movement will be just as imperfect as all human organizations, but the force of their equitable intentions and peaceful protest is contagious and formidable.  

And at least the Occupy participants are voicing their demands and concerns in a public, transparent forum.  We are all entitled to our opinions pro or against this movement but at the same time honest debate should acknowledge that there have been other powerful, self-interested groups “occupying” our financial sector and political process for many years now.

Consensus: a look into the “HOW’ of the General Assembly of the Occupy movement.

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  1. JW says:

    Agree. Watch the movement from a distance. I feel that we, Canadian, are much fortunate in so many ways v.s. our brothers and sisters south of the border, so far.

    Now, winter is almost at our door step. I sincerely hope they have a plan to cope with the cruel winter condition. JW, Vancouver

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