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Yo-Yo stock markets lack conviction

Hiking in a very sunny Grand Canyon today. Breathtaking and always humbling to be reminded of how small and inconsequential we humans are. Found some internet access at lunch. Stocks are generally higher today on two-guys-trading volume–nowhere near recovering what … Continue reading

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Year end antics add to market noise

Every year, as Dec. 31 approaches, money managers dump their losers so they don’t have to show tainted holdings in their annual reports. Here is a direct link.

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Dear Jamie Dimon

Josh Brown takes the time to enlighten the hopelessly obtuse in an open letter to banker Jamie Dimon (and his ilk): Dear Jamie Dimon, I hope this note finds you well. I am writing to profess my utter disbelief at … Continue reading

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Danielle’s weekly market update with Talk Digital Network

Danielle spoke to Phil Mackesy of Talk Digital Network today discussing recent developments in the global economy and world markets. You can listen to the audio clip here.

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Santa Claus rally to fade

Barry Ritholtz, chief executive officer at FusionIQ, talks about the U.S. financial industry, the gold market and the outlook for stocks and housing. He speaks with Tom Keene on Bloomberg Television’s “Surveillance Midday.” Here is the direct link.

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More easing and liquidity in China likely to make economy worse

Ben Simpfendorfer, Managing Director at Silk Road Associates says further monetary easing in China will worsen the country’s economic imbalances. The direct link to the clip is here.

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