Yo-Yo stock markets lack conviction

Hiking in a very sunny Grand Canyon today. Breathtaking and always humbling to be reminded of how small and inconsequential we humans are. Found some internet access at lunch. Stocks are generally higher today on two-guys-trading volume–nowhere near recovering what they lost yesterday. Yo-yo markets still in broader down trend. Cory snapped a few risk trade updates. The bond market is still signaling safety over risk. The new year promises much excitement.

Source:  Cory Venable, CMT, Venable Park Investment Counsel Inc.

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  1. Barry says:

    I’ve done well enough in the market as a DIY guy this past year but in many ways I was happier when younger, impecunious and loaded with time – to do exactly what you’re doing today (twice up and down in my case).

    Looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver next month at the Resource Investment Conference. For the most part I’m not interested in what they’re peddling and I hope you’re able to temper the raised emotions of attendees who feel swooned by the promoters.

  2. aliencaffeine says:

    Kind of cold to be visiting the canyon, isn’t it? At 6,800 ft above sea level in December isn’t my idea of a great time to visit. But if you are constrained by your job, I guess you have to take it when you can get it.

    Did the canyon at least 20 times in my lovely life. The hike itself is very strenuous yet quite breathtaking…especially when you get down into the deepest parts of it by the Colorado River. Did you make it down to the bottom Danielle? Its fun to look at the geology, the shells in the shale walls over a billion years old. Yes, it does make one look small in the overall context. About the only thing we didn’t like was:

    1.) The smell on the trail from the mule trains.
    2.) The hike back up to the rim.

    The fun part was watching the faces of the hikers smiling on the way down, and the huffing and puffing they did on the way back up. Its like reverse mountain climbing.

    Hope you took a lot of pictures. Care to show any of you actually at the Canyon?

    What a wonderful way to end a year! Thanks for all the market opinion and help Danielle. Expect more of the same going forward into these treacherous market jagged peaks and drop-off chasms ahead….keep us informed.

    Also, what do you think of inverse ETF’s like DOG, SH and RWM? RSVP.

  3. dazzo says:

    As ’11 Ends, 11 Charts Of 11 Disturbing 11 Year Trends


  4. dave says:

    A Boeing 747-200 burns about 25,000 Lbs of fuel per hour. That would total 100,000 lbs in 4 hours. I am helping the planet by staying home this winter

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