Analyst Janet Tavakoli on timing China’s financial meltdown

Janet Tavakoli beats up the China bulls (and rips Niall Ferguson a new…belly button) in her recent Huff Post article. Tavakoli has her own list of “killer” apps for China, and she means this in a literal sense, listing the main problems as:

  • Life-threatening shoddy construction where infrastructure has literally been slapped together and is falling down
  • An aging, unbalanced society with unnatural selection decisions that result in 122 male for each 100 female births
  • Government cover ups
  • A serious housing price crash which she says began a tipping point in September
  • A financial system chock full of off-balance sheet debts like those that are taking down the western world
  • Misleading and contrived government growth data that is over-stated yet impossible to get straight numbers on
    Read the whole article: Chanos crash: timing China’s financial meltdown. (thanks MG)
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