Good discussion on cutting government waste

Republican Senator Tom Coburn offers some actionable ideas on how to cut waste and get the budget under control. The direct link is here.

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2 Responses to Good discussion on cutting government waste

  1. taxpayer says:

    I disagree with almost everything Coburn said. At least with “duplication” of programs we have the possibility that some programs might work better than others so lessons can be learned. Deduplication will end up creating new bureaucracies. The real problem is government programs working at cross-purposes.
    As for term limits, California has had them for decades and is hardly an example to emulate. Sure, Coburn has term-limited himself, but I bet he’ll trade on his connections to become a lobbyist.
    The big problem for Americans, at least in my state, is ballot access. The Republicrats draw the boundaries, write and administer the ballot access laws. A friend of mine ran as an independent last election, got more than enough signatures, but couldn’t afford to pay lawyers to get through the (probably illegal) obstacles which the ruling party erected.

  2. Mike says:

    Danielle, I’ve read your blog for a while, and I think are right on the money (so to speak) most of the time. I have a question that is more about investing philosophy than gold (I don’t want to anger you after all 🙂 ). I would never buy gold for any other reason, other than that, to me, it might appreciate in value due to mass psychology -the same way any investment does I guess. I invest in something based on how I think others will value the asset, rather than how I personally feel about it. I bought some physical gold about 10 years ago because I thought that the masses would see it as a safe alternative to fiat currency, not because I agreed with them – but because I thought the masses would feels this way. I sold it and did very well especially in comparison to other assets over that time period). I mention this to ask a more broad question, do you not ever invest based on how you perceive the masses will value on asset –however misguided, rather than based on how you perceive the value of that asset? I just feel like that side the “why not to invest in gold” is missing from your missive on why you are not a fan of the yellow metal.

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