Focus on the math to solve funding problems

Rhode Island is trying to boost its finances and fend off downgrades as it passes a broad reform of its pension system, with Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island general treasurer. The way to solve fiscal problems is to leave politics aside, she says. Here is the direct link.

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  1. aliencaffeine says:

    My local town in Illinois wants to ‘change the way’ they calculate the sewer bills. Now they want to do ‘runoff usage’ or SIZE OF PROPERTY instead of the old way of linking the sewer bill to the amount of water metered. Since I have an acre, I’m going to get hit, even though I am very conservative on water use, especially in the summer months.

    Whats worse, the local county here ‘miscalculated’ the cost of water, for get this…the last five years…sound familiar? So the new catch-up rates will be 20%, 18%, 15% and 12%. Hows that for a PEARL HARBOR/HAND GRENADE? Oh, btw, the county in DuPage, hahahaha next to Chicago’s Crook County.

    There is no end to this grabbing every last nickel and dime. Long live OCCUPY, or the OCTOPUS who has no head to lop-off but tenacles who will regrow. They got Wikileaks because they got Assange, but the OCCUPODs will be much, much more difficult and hence much more likely to succeed. Its kind of exciting actually. I wasn’t around in 1774-1776 but I’m sure it was scary in a good way. Long live the Revolution!

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