But seriously Larry, thanks again, your advice means a lot to us little folks

Further to Larry Fink’s bold “100% equities” call to investors yesterday, we bring you the below picture of the S&P 500 as a reminder of another time Sir Larry broadcast his bullish insights–in March 2008, see Fink: BlackRock’s Bear starts to turn bullish. Deja vu? When the fee income starts to hurt, dedicated fund emperors get out front it seems.

Source: Cory Venable, CMT, Venable Park Investment Counsel Inc.

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10 Responses to But seriously Larry, thanks again, your advice means a lot to us little folks

  1. michael says:

    Well at least his name is appropriate.
    More about the banks . They are all cashed up, thanks to taxpayers, and are busily cleaning up their balance sheets by eliminating the dirty paper, borrowing short, lending long, investing long, increasing user fees, too big to fail protection. What’s not to like?
    Here in Canada few realize the banks balance sheets are somewhat more stressed .The dirty paper on their balance sheets is a little more sticky but a lot has been already underwritten by taxpayers with more to come. But they are also starting to clean things up,diluting existing shareholders by issuing more stock(BNS).More to come from others? Probably, but also have a TBF guarantee.As go the banks so goes the economy? We will see I guess.

  2. doug robertson says:

    Yep. Nice graph (yeck!) Now why would anyone listen to someone with a name like that? Maybe he should change Larry, to Rat.

    Hahhahaha. Again, nice graph. Methinks this rally when complete might be known as the Last Gasp of the Boomer Rally. Got your shorts on?

  3. taxpayer says:

    Fink’s call was good for a couple of months, the S&P 500 being almost 10% higher mid-May 2008 than it was mid-March. So, to be fair, we would need to know when Fink became less bullish.

  4. anilchauism says:

    Voila! Fink has spoken! Market is ready to tumble. Just reverse his call by 180 degrees. Simple, Watson, simple!

  5. doug robertson says:

    The current rally since the December 20 2011 Follow-Thru-Day is now 34 days old. It has been a non-stop rally. It ought to take a breather here. The true leading stocks broke out December 20. There is a lot of profits on paper. Someone is going to want to take them. The professionals are on the ball. The question is are you?

    Do you really think the Fink has your best interests at hand? Or has he spoken to your emotions ie the fear of missing the gains? Hmmmm?

  6. bullion.bunny says:

    This video is well put, at 15 years old it still rings true.


  7. bullion.bunny says:

    ……and another one….


  8. ricecake says:

    Thanks MS Park.

    Here a must watch video:

    Xie Says China’s Emerging Economy Can’t Be `Fine Tuned’

  9. ricecake202 says:

    By Andy Xie 02.08.2012 16:56
    A World Flying Blind


  10. doug robertson says:

    Day 36 of the rally since the December 20, 2o11 follow-through day. Very extended and due to a pull-back. Don’t forget Larry Finks call to get 100% into equities. Absolutely nothing has been done to solve the worlds financial problems, including our own.

    Oh, and Joe Granville’s call for a 4,000 point drop at 1,000 points each quarter. Time will tell, and ALWAYS trust your charts.

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