Slogan for our times

At the gym this morning, a lady had this on her shirt. I asked her if I could snap a picture. I think it is the right slogan for our times where handouts, loop holes, earmarks and subsidies have anesthetized creative thinking and strong leadership. Where coddled weaklings call themselves capitalists and too many people can tell you what is wrong without modeling better behaviour. Time for us all to be the change.

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  1. bullion.bunny says:

    ” If some lose their whole fortunes, they will drag many more down with them . . . believe me that the whole system of credit and finance which is carried on here at Rome in the Forum, is inextricably bound up with the revenues of the Asiatic province. If Those revenues are destroyed, our whole system of credit will come down with a crash.”

    Cicero, 66 B.C.

    In a world that proclaims the non-existence of the mind, the moral righteousness of rule by brute force, the penalizing of the competent in favour of the incompetent, the sacrifice of the best to the worst – in such a world, the best have to turn against society and have to become it’s deadliest enemies.

    Ayn Rand

  2. bullion.bunny says:

    “As the supply of money (of claims) increases relative to the supply of tangible assets in the economy, prices must eventually rise… In the absence of a gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation…”


    “Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the
    way of this insidious process. It stands as the protector of property rights.”

    Ayn Rand

  3. michael says:

    so who needs exercise……just pop a pill….coronary capitalism thrives…..FDA just another industry puppet….no end in sight….

  4. John says:

    First line written by a banker.
    Second line is what the average Joe expects from the authors of the first and final lines.
    Third line comes from the politicians.

  5. d robertson says:

    Endorphins! They are yours for the taking, but you got to do the effort thing. Wonderful freebies in life, and SO healthy especially in this insane economy.

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