Gas prices explained (again)

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  1. michael says:

    forgot the video….

    Attached is another cartoon of sorts which explains inflation and currency in a simple and honest way. It really is too bad that America has now matured to the degree required to simply listen to common sense and place their vote appropriately. Can anyone ever remember when intelligence and common sense has trumped tallness, good looks and patronizing one liners in any Presidential campaign?
    Unfortunately the common sense efforts of Ron Paul are predictably brushed aside. If he was just a little taller, his voice a little deeper and he did not resemble a caricature somehow reminiscent of Jughead Jones, Stan Laurel and in some ways Charlie Chaplin, he just might be a contender.
    In this short video he provides his usual self assured, simple explanation of the misquided madness through the puppet Bernank.
    There is even something here for the gold bugs to hang their hat on but he also very clearly explains, as I have said, why gold is NOT money……and probably never will be.

  2. d robertson says:

    Ron Paul would be extremely useful as a Treasury Secretary to a decent Republican president. He understands the gold-issue rather well. You cannot PRINT your way to prosperity. Time and history is great proof.

    Where are the Romans and their great empire? The gold coins still exist!

    As for me, GOLD IS MONEY. Had you bought gold at 300 your gasoline price would be LOCKED IN AT 1.05/gallon until you ran out of gold. Duh!
    If you weren’t smart enough to buy the ‘relic’ on the suppression, then you have another sort of problem. Where to buy in now that it has inflated up.

    It simply comes down to the basic undeniable rule of the markets. Supply vs demand. You can supress the demand for gold purchasing by lying to the various peoples of the world by constantly harping on the controlled presses and broadcast outfits that ‘gold in volatile, gold is dangerous, it COULD go down’ and all that blather but look at what an ounce can buy! Even at todays blue light special price of 1,680, that is an awful lot of sacks of groceries and a lot of gallons of gasoline. And if I am not mistaken, folks in China and India have amassed a bloody fortune of gold in jewelry and assorted trinkets. In may neighborhood, there are countless shops offering to buy your gold….they seem to be everywhere. BUY YOUR GOLD, but they won’t sell it. Interesting, isn’t it? My local gold ‘buyer’ says all of his bought gold goes to a smelter in Ohio, who melts it down into large bars and it gets shipped to a buyer in China. Fact. FWIW.

  3. michael says:

    doug…..”where to buy now that it has inflated up” …..was that a “Fruedian slip”….is there a blue light special on tin foil hats?…..
    In $U terms gold his appreciated ….how has it done relative to $C or the price of gasoline or Oil stocks how about AAPL or CAT……take a look. I find Gold bugs who continue to parrot the dogma of all those who have vested interests in keeping this train rolling historically ill informed.
    If you are so sure about gold I guess you have all your NW in the shiny stuff??

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