Nassim Taleb on foreseeable “black swans” for the US economy

“The only candidate I trust is Ron Paul”, says Nassim Taleb, “The Black Swan” author. He also shares what he fears will be the next “black swan” event for the U.S. economy. Here is the direct link.

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5 Responses to Nassim Taleb on foreseeable “black swans” for the US economy

  1. michael says:

    I have long been a fan of Ron Paul but his common sense proposals will continue to garner little broad support. Recent comments by Bill Gross and now Taleb, although welcome events, are frankly too little too late. Taleb has a new book to start promoting…coincidental??…right.
    As I said if Ron Paul was just taller, his voice a little deeper and he didn’t have that Jughead Jones / Stan Laurel look about him he may get the voters attention. Well between episodes of Nancy Grace and Entertainment Tonight anyway.
    Just picture Ron Paul at the podium…tall…handsome…big toothy confident smile…..
    “….change you can believe in….yes we can….”

  2. James says:

    While Ron Paul is not likely to become President, he nevertheless is voicing genuine concerns about the direction of the US economy and his message is starting to resonate on both sides of the aisle. The question is: which of the two major parties has been least responsible on bringing the US fiscal house into order? Clearly, as NT points out the excesses have been on the Republican side during the Bush Presidency. Now, any genuine compromise is shunned by Republicans who are wedded to the idea that all tax reductions are made in heaven, and admittedly by Democrats protecting some entitlement programs. The cure for the US is thoroughgoing tax reform, entitlement reform, mortgage interest reform, and the introduction of new taxes on carbon and consumption. All of which in aggregate would neither drain nor diminish the dynamism in the US economy which NT seems to feel is at risk.

  3. Trevor Bonnici says:

    What is shocking about this interview is the revelation that Taleb now owns stocks because he’s afraid if hyperinflation. He’d rather get paid a dividend than a US Treasury coupon. This from someone who said never really owned stocks; you know the world is upside down now.

  4. taxpayer says:

    Thanks for this; I don’t watch CNBC and hadn’t been aware of it. I don’t agree with everything Ron Paul says, but he does seem to be the only candidate who recognizes our real problems and has plausible proposals for addressing them.

  5. Roberta says:

    Seems like a smart, honest guy. I didn’t catch what the next black swan was going to be – what was it?

    I don’t know if I’d predict a black swan – I’d predict it to be something obvious – like not being able to pay your debts! Can you imagine something as obscure as that when you owe 16 Trillion and counting?! HA! HA! HA! HA! Obscure! HA!

    The government of our great nation is a joke! And that isn’t funny! But it’s true. Think there are enough prison cells available for every politician, past and present?

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