Some more on bankers (it’s not just Goldman believe me)

A couple of stories sent to me today are worth a read and some reflection (thanks Chris):

Oh yes, and more on Muppets, enjoy.

Video direct link.

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3 Responses to Some more on bankers (it’s not just Goldman believe me)

  1. bullion.bunny says:

    Here is a better one.

  2. LHP says:

    Do you think Greg Smith has seen this? Maybe it was the straw that broke the banker’s back…

  3. stone merchant says:

    Goldman is not worthy of the name, actually. They erupted from the Cesspool of Swine and it is forever there they bubble away. La Brea tarpit babies???

    Meanwhile, reg gas on the streets here just W of Chicago…..4.49/gallon. And its going to be 87 degrees with NO RAIN IN SIGHT. Without shade from the trees, the weeds are going absolutely wild with abandon. Poor clients, mulch early and very, very heavy. Go long Monsanto. Weeds everywhere, including farmers fields. Ugh.

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