Cambridge House Calgary conference this weekend

On Friday I will be speaking three times at the Cambridge House Calgary investment conference with a keynote at 9am, a panel at 9:30 and a seminar at 3:00pm. The event is held at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre downtown. Each year it is a great venue with a solid line up of speakers focusing on the energy and resource sector.

You can learn more or register to attend for free in advance on their web site here.

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  1. Robert C says:

    Thank you for attending again this year. I hope your daughter’s competition went well.

    My parents attended this year with me and really enjoyed your keynote (even with the tech problems) panel and seminar. As they said ‘You said it just like it is and they took heart to your message of risk off”. They were also impressed in the panel when the moderater was asking for stock picks and you made it clear that the wisest thing to do was conserve capital and have a good cash balance for when the opportunity to buy would arrive, but now was not the time.

    I have mentioned your book a few times to them, but now that they heard you speak they have finally decided to take time to read it.

    It was an interesting contrast to last year when every speaker except yourself was saying buy buy buy, this year I noticed a few others joined in your message of risk off, and protect your capital, though there was still a few especially the 2nd day that were a little to much into the bad times are over its time to party hardy by buying gold, silver, oil, China, and be 100% in equities.

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