Excellent discussion on Charlie Rose last night

Edward Luce of The Financial Times talked to Charlie Rose about his book “Time to Start Thinking: America in the Age of Descent”.

Bold new ideas and ethical leadership across all walks of society are needed to reignite innovation and strength in America and elsewhere. We have tried the quick-bucks-approach and that has been devastating. Time to stop paying financial wizards for magic tricks and get back to hard work, critical thought and individual responsibility. Fiat lux. You will need to go here to the site to find the clip.

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  1. taxpayer says:

    Phillip Adams had a great interview with Luce a couple days ago on Radio National. The audio is at http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/latenightlive/america27s-decline/3983254

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  3. aliencaffeine says:

    First outdoor arts and craft show of the season did not go well for the artists. Lots of lookers, very few buyers. I do an annual survey of these shows around my neck of the woods and record the gas prices along with the weather. Weather this weekend was rotten (rain on Sunday, cool on Saturday) with NO SUN. Gas is now bargain-priced at 4.02 which just happens to be the highest average price since my survey began.

    And I spoke with a lot of people, both exhibitors and lookers. The rich or rich-appearing (those sporting Lululemon gear and such) don’t seem to be concerned. Those with kids don’t look happy. Neither to the few-to-be-seen oldsters. They were purchasing a damn thing.

    Downsize, save, save, save. Let the others be foolish in their ways, for they won’t change until push becomes shove. And the Big Push is here.

  4. William says:

    Indeed. But being from Britain allows Luce to compare the US with other countries (e.g. Britain). Not someone from the US that’s impaired with, what I would call, the “”Imperial Hubris”” virus.

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