Innovative thinking is the way forward

Although many fight the progress and change needed in the world, I see a lot of very exciting things happening in science and innovation which I know can help to solve the major hurdles presently facing humanity. As much as I am defensive of capital during the present credit crisis, I also can’t help but be longer-term optimistic about opportunities ahead. A couple of examples of important new thinking are below.

Last night on Piers Morgan Tonight, Suzanne Somers explained that she was recently able to grow her breast back after a mastectomy with an innovative new process that injects one’s own stem cells into the chest. The ramifications of what this can mean for the future of stem cells to heal and rejuvenate the human body is mind-boggling. She explains the remarkable process here.

Separately in the field of alternative energy, the evolution of ideas is also exciting. My 12 year old son wants to be an engineer so he can help develop efficient new technologies for the future. This is the type of thinking that inspires him (and me). Here is the direct link.

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