Understanding the post-credit bubble world

Last week I sat down with Alasdair MacLeod of the GoldMoney Foundation’s Alasdair to discuss the current economic crisis, the financial sector and where the global economy may be heading.

“Park talks about government intervention in the economy and the impact this is having, and the growing public anger directed at governments and banks. The two have an in-depth discussion about the size of the derivatives market, and the affects this can have on the broader economy. They then discuss how the financial sector has evolved over the last 20 years, and how this compares with other historical periods. Both discuss the drastic expansion of the money supply since the Second World War and the inflationary consequences of this.

Park finishes by explaining why, despite the myriad economic problems confronting us today, she is optimistic about the future.

This podcast was recorded on May 16 2012 at the Hard Assets Investment Conference in New York.”

Here is a direct link.

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