Euro crisis at breaking point?

Harvard University history professor Niall Ferguson talks about Europe’s banking crisis.

Here is the direct link.

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2 Responses to Euro crisis at breaking point?

  1. Canadian says:

    Love it when people answer the questions with direct honesty instead of evasive maneuvers.

  2. elfwise says:

    One of Bernanke’s puppets;
    Maybe someone could explain to Ferguson that “monetization (eurobonds)” which he advocates and “Fiscal Policy” (which he also advocates) are on the opposite end of the spectrum.
    Bottom line, it doesn’t matter where, how, who the backstop comes from, it has to be paid back, w/unemployment running rampant, no revenues, negative growth, insurmountable debt, # 1 rule of investing, don’t throw good money after bad.
    The Euro is doomed, those pundits who advise the Euro will be stronger, healthier once Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal exit and any other weak countries who are dragging down the Euro, well, ok, what you really have left is the Deutsche Mark, you can call it the Euro if you like, but that is all that will be left. When the Euro hits .92, then I might turn a little bullish, but not until then…

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