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Danielle’s weekly market update

Danielle was a guest today with Phil Mackesy on Talk Digital Network discussing this week’s developments in the global economy and markets. You can listen to an audio clip here.

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Stephen Roach on US economy and misguided Fed and ECB policies

Stephen Roach, a professor at Yale University and former non-executive chairman for Morgan Stanley in Asia, talks about the U.S. economy, and Federal Reserve and European Central Bank policies. Here is a direct link.

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Signs of progress

Two positive headlines stood out yesterday for those interested in trends that matter in supporting the consumer and therefore the real economy: 1. U.S. crude production has climbed to the highest level in more than 15 years just as fuel … Continue reading

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Q’E-finity and still bonds trouncing stocks

Inconvenient truths that the stock Perma-bulls will never acknowledge: wave after wave of Kamikaze efforts from global central bankers, and still bond returns have trounced stocks since 2009. No wonder they are growing increasingly depleted and desperate. Just imagine how … Continue reading

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