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New study finds: ‘IQ a myth’

The multidimensional nature of human intelligence is fascinating. We humans can be so smart and yet so dumb all at the same time. I have always felt that “EQ” or emotional quotient has greater impact on one’s life success than … Continue reading

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Big banks to be government sponsored entities of next decade

This clip is a good discussion of the present banking landscape in the midst of demographic and behavioral shifts that are dramatically truncating the profit prospects for their business model. Joshua Rosner, an analyst at Graham Fisher & Co., talks … Continue reading

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Shilling on the risk to stock and home prices in 2013

Shilling’s concerned about lower corporate earnings next year, which have the potential to drag on stock prices. His worries are three-fold: A global recession will occur, hurting revenue and by extension earnings; profit margins are about as good as they … Continue reading

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Consumers catching the drift

Preliminary reports suggest that US holiday sales for the key two months October to Dec, rose .7% this year. This compares with a 2% increase during the same period last year and a 3 to 4% increase that many retail … Continue reading

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Another study confirms: HFT profits at everyone else’s expense

Yet another study now confirms what many of us have known for years, that high frequency traders are gleaning profits at the expense of other legitimate participants and at the expense of the systemic integrity of markets as a whole. … Continue reading

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Tax the rich: an annimated fairy tale

This cartoon rings painfully true on many points. No doubt some will strongly disagree. There is no question that lower tax rates have contributed to present deficits. But lower tax rates are not the main story. Lower tax rates are … Continue reading

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