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Danielle’s weekly market update

Danielle was a guest today on Talk Digital Network with Phil Mackesy talking about recent trends in the world economy and markets. You can listen to an audio clip here.

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Fisher on why ending taxpayer backing to risk-taking in banks is critical

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher talks about monetary policy and the impact of the Dodd-Frank financial-regulatory overhaul on the banking industry. Here is a direct link.

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“Lose the debt” campaign

My son and his friend have undertaken a grade 8 project to help educate students about the dangers of debt. One of their goals is to garner public support for adding the study of debt bubbles and credit education to … Continue reading

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Feldstein: contracting Q4 GDP and now consumers face higher payroll taxes

Martin Feldstein, Harvard University economics professor, provides an outlook for jobs and economic growth in 2013, and explains why he believes the Fed’s policies are taking a dangerous direction: “I’ve been saying this past year, we’re going to be lucky … Continue reading

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Stocks at cycle highs while US economy contracts in Q4

This morning’s shocker: US Q4 GDP contracted. It turns out that the US is not an island on its own and is not decoupling from the global downturn which accelerated in most economies in 2012. But not to worry, no … Continue reading

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Why most people fail miserably in financial markets

Punk Economics – Economics in the dock – Why economists gets things so wrong. Here is a direct link.

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