US government to bail-out sugar industry??

This clip makes some very valid points against spending government money to prop up sugar prices. But while we are at it, same arguments decry government-backed-Central Banks from spending trillions to prop up banks and stock markets too.

“In an effort to prop up sugar prices, which have fallen 18% since October, the USDA is considering buying 400,000 tons of sugar — or enough to make 142 billion Hersey’s Kisses — The WSJ reports.

Of course, there’s nothing new about government support for the sugar industry: The government has been lending money to sugar producers since the 1934 Sugar Act.

But reports of this latest bailout are particularly galling considering the backdrop of a debate in Washington over how to address the nation’s long-term deficit and the ongoing “War on Obesity” being waged by policymakers…”

Here is a direct link to the video report.

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